Victorian Bedding Plants

August 8, 2017 - Replacing A Shed Roof Feb 11, 2017 … … a victim to the trend of breeding compact bedding plants that could be … rediscovered the Victorian favorite, and now you'll find this plant on … More »

… you think of bedding plants? Now, don’t say yuk. It doesn’t have to be yuk. It’s only yuk because people up and down the country are being lazy and unimaginative. Let’s change that, starting here. Bedding started in Victorian times, …

this plant is spectacular. Masses of fragrant purple flowers contrast beautifully with the rugged, dark green foliage. I have grown it in containers with great success. This native of Peru is an old-fashioned favorite from the days of Victorian … Oct 24, 2016 … 18 inches. 'Blue Bedder' – Similar to 'Victoria Blue', but taller. 3 ft. … In cooler climates, it is readily available as a bedding plant. Although Salvia … More »

During Victorian times, when formal bedding schemes were in vogue, standard heliotropes were used as "dot" or accent plants marching at intervals down the center of flowerbeds to provide height and interest. If you pinch the plants back, …

But it was in the Victorian era that it reached its zenith, stimulated by an abundance of newly discovered exotic bedding plants such as heliotropes, pelargoniums, petunias, verbenas and salvias, raised in state-of-the-art conservatories and …

The grand houses and stately homes which epitomise the 19th century had extravagant bedding schemes on flat terraces with parterres of low clipped … VICTORIAN PLANTS.

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The Doris Waters Harris Lichtenstein Victorian District, opened in summer 2008 … New developments include: A Victorian-style “pincushion garden” of mostly succulent plants along the path from the Museum Building to the Piper … May 5, 2017 … Shade coleus were a popular Victorian bedding plant, but it wasn't until they developed a sun loving coleus that they really captured the hearts … More »

(B) Victorian Summer Bedding Scheme No 1. The original varieties of plants are listed, with my suggestions for modern-day varieties at in similar colours at the end Sep 20, 2016 … The spider flower isn't one of the most popular annual bedding plants, but that's only because they look rather blah in their nursery packs in … More »

(B) Victorian Summer Bedding Scheme No 1. The original varieties of plants are listed, with my suggestions for modern-day varieties at in similar colours at the end

If you travel through the Pacific Islands or northern Queensland a plant … Victorian era. These new, colourful, highly exotic items from the far flung colonies, were collected and showcased in gardens, conservatories, and used in …

How to make a Victorian garden with the best plants, flowers, trees, benches, fountains, fences, designs.

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The concept of bedding plants was Aztec in origin, but in the hands of Victorian enthusiasts it became a British passion. The bedding out craze, together with improved greenhouse design, resulted in a fashion for massed beds of vibrantly coloured plants laid out in intricate mosaic patterns. The parsonage … Mar 6, 2017 … Coleus plants, made popular as a Victorian bedding plants, made a huge comeback in the 1990s and shows no sign of fading back into … More »

Plants for Victorian Gardens. During the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901, … manicured hedges and colorful bedding plants in geometric designs. Jul 9, 2017 … Like many popular bedding plants, including impatiens plants, they are victims of … Victoria Blue salvia flowers give us just this prized color. More »

Fashionable since Victorian times, … Informal bedding: Bedding plants can be used less formally in the garden, …

Garden fashions tend to come and go. Such was the case with Victorian bedding, a landscape style popular from about 1865 to 1900. Combining large, decoratively Jul 4, 2017 … Victoria Blue salvia plants are annuals north of zone 7. … long-lasting flowers, they are often treated as bedding plants and massed together to … More »