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August 5, 2017 - Replacing A Shed Roof

A manufacturer of thermoform and injection molded plant containers, Landmark’s products feature plastic pots, packs, trays, plug sheets, hanging baskets, water … Dec 2, 2016 … When it comes to plants in pots or groups of pots I always try to go for an odd … Also using repeating planters on staircases or on walls or to line … More »

How to plant and grow flowers and plants in pots, planters and other containers, including information about soil mixes and repotting

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NewPro Containers is a wholesale supplier of Lechuza planters offering exclusive discounts to plantscaping professionals.

If you do, you will likely need to transplant them from small plant packs into larger planters. It is a good idea to start your seeds in3-4 inch pots and if needed …

It’s finally spring, and I’m eager to say so long to cold and dreary winter and hello to warmer, brighter, springier days and the colorful flowers they bring. Daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, and tulips already are out here, but if, like me, you … Jan 13, 2017 … Selecting Containers: Containers for your vegetable gardens can be almost anything: flower pots, pails, buckets, wire baskets, bushel baskets, … More »

In our Pots and Planters department, you’ll find flower pots, planters, grow bags, hanging baskets, patio planters, potting soil, fertilizers and accessories. For the biggest selection of pots, planters and container gardening …

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It may seem like a lost cause, but there is, in fact, a way to have a garden in an … Jul 8, 2017 … For many people, growing blueberries in pots is the easiest and for some, may be the only way they will ever successfully be able to grow this … More »

A flowerpot, flower pot, or plant pot is a container in which flowers and other plants are cultivated and displayed. Historically, and still to a significant extent …

BSpoke Design manufacture high quality metal planters, galvanised steel planters, stainless steel planters, corten steel planters.Custom shapes and sizes made to order. Jan 11, 2017 … Every time we buy a sizable new plant, we also get a new black plastic pot. While it's nice to have a stock of old containers handy when we're … More » Jul 27, 2016 … However, for your container gardens to thrive, much less be spectacular, you need to accurately assess how much sun your pot or garden will … More » Jun 21, 2017 … Growing potatoes in containers is easy and fun. Here's a step-by-step guide to show you how to grow potatoes in containers. … Grow Beautiful and Tasty Eggplant in Pots. Container Vegetables … More »

We had junipers flanking our front door. We live in seattle where there is a lot of rain. Not sure why they keep dying on us. I’m in search of suggestions for alternatives of low maintenance ever greens for the front porch please!

Q. I wanted to use an old amaryllis kit to grow an aloe plant. I placed the round piece of cork along with some rocks in the bottom of the pot, added potting soil and the new aloe. The potting soil is rising up and over the top of the pot. I … Jul 8, 2017 … Like many vegetables (well actually fruit), they are a very different tasting when you grow them yourself. Growing cucumbers in containers are … More »

For the best growth and production, each plant should have its own container. A good range for a container-variety blueberry bush is a pot size of about eight to 12 gallons per plant. But, if you chose a full-sized blueberry variety that …

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