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August 8, 2017 - Round Bonsai Pots Aug 16, 2016 … We know coffee is a good compost ingredient, but what about the filters? … If you' ve ever kept them in a kitchen counter compost bin for a … More »

Worms produce manure, called castings, that are an excellent compost to add to your outdoor garden and your indoor … the other bins may not be able to drain properly and your worms can drown. Use your castings on your plants. The … May 15, 2017 … Here is how to get started and how to make your own compost bin. … Whether your garden is indoors or out, compost will help all your herbs grow better. … and become slimy as the ratio of bad bacter… More »

10 tips on how to make better compost. Basics of composting and secret ingredients to super-charge your compost!

Composting … is the best solution. But for you and me, bin composting is probably the way to go at home… So, after understanding the process and the technology I now felt more comfortable to try it myself! I bought myself an indoor … Dec 1, 2016 … The Best Worm Food for Vermicomposting Worms … If you use a worm bin, or are composting or growing a vegetable garden, it's good to know what types of worm foods your worms will like. … This is … More » Learn the right way to set up composting for your garden. … Make Your Own Compost Bin in 30 Minutes … Saving and Storing Kitchen Scraps for Composting  … More »

This tumbling compost bin by Good Ideas makes maintaining your pile quick and simple. If you don’t have a yard to start a compost pile, check your local hardware store for an indoor compost … the compost process works best at …

Offering composting information and links to web resources on a variety of composting topics. Includes a forum.

These tips will help you decide which type of composting works best for your needs and budget … keep the anaerobic process going. The indoor anaerobic choice is Bokashi composting, which is done in a plastic bin with an airtight lid. Feb 16, 2017 … Empty any compost containers that you keep indoors, and give them a … onions, and other root vegetables in a cool, dark bin or cupboard. More »

Tumbler bins are another popular option. You can purchase compost bins or prebuilt wire enclosures from any garden center, or you can make your own using old shipping pallets. Once you’ve decided which option is best for you, you …

Host a few worms and let them do what they do best! 7. All Seasons Indoor Composter Kit, Tan Bucket with Bokashi Compost bins are not limited to outdoor use, and here’s the kit that proves it. This airtight compost system seals in …

To find the best possible bacteria farms—I mean, compost bins—I conducted 20 hours of research and consulted three experts: Andy Brooks, president of BootStrap … Apr 9, 2017 … Kitchen Repair & Reno · Bathroom Repair & Reno · House Painting · Electrical … Instead of adding a bunch of organic matter to a pile, you just use leaves. … The answer i… More »

If you are going to compost, it is best to use a kitchen compost bin to gather scraps without having to worry about stinky odors or attracting flies to your kitchen.

Composting Bins Gardening Full selection of composters including standard and tumbling composters.

Unlike other compost methods, where space is a necessity, our multi-tray Worm Composting System is compact, odorless and can be used indoors or out, making it a …

The following chart compares each of the best compost bin designs (click the links … using the more abundant compost from your cold and hot pile bins. Kitchen Compost Pail/Bin Intended for indoor use n/a – intended to store … Apr 17, 2017 … … empty bottles and cans, garbage bags, recycling bins, compost piles and … The best way to deal with fruit flies is to prevent the problem before it starts. … Humid indoor conditions perpetuate … More »

We tested over 20 composters these past few years before choosing our composter line. What sets these composters apart is their ease of use and faster composting times.

Composting indoors. Outdoors or indoors, anyone can make compost. If you don’t have a garden, a small space in the garage will do, or on the balcony, or even under …

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